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Bloons TDX Open Source (Updated to 1.5.1)

The Bloons TDX Open Source is here. This is updated for version You can now add anything you want to the game.



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    1. Game Maker Studio 1.4

      I'm working on a version of it for GMS 2.0

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    3. It gets to the objects when it is loading then game maker stops responding

  2. Want To Make Some Mods For Btdx? Then Join the Modding Server! A Discord Completly Dedicated to Modding Btdx! Just Read the Rules, And Then Have A good Time!

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    1. this is for modders, if you want the game then visit

  4. Not to change the subject or anything but my game always crashes on Necropolis and says something about a code error that it something wasn't set, not to make you more work, but can you please fix this problem, or is intentional. Anyone else with this problem?

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    1. visit their site, if you want to play use;


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