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New BTDX Update

Today a new update for BTDX went live. It added several features listed below: V 1.03: - Selling - You now earn XP when completing a map depending on how much score you have at the end - You can purchase BP for MM now in the agents menu - Changes to some towers V 1.04: - Fixed selling exploits - Fixed Tier 4 and 5 being unlocked early - Upgrading stuff works smoother - Fixed lots of bugs The next update will add some actual content. I am planning on including these things in it: - Glue Gunner + Ice Monkey - New Tracks - New Special Missions - Challenges - Other stuff possibly You shouldn't expect this update for another month or so. I doubt I'll add much stuff to the game past that, expect for that mysterious bounty center. It is possible that I'll stream some game development sometime soon with fan feedback/Q&A. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the game. If you need to download BTDX, click the page at the top or click here

Bloons TDX Out Now

Bloons TDX is now available to play: [Windows Download Link] [Mac Download Link] Bloons TDX is a fan game made by Ramaf Party. Here are some things you can look forward to in the game: - 20 Towers, each with 3 upgrade paths. - 8 Tracks with multiple play modes. - 6 Unique Special Missions. - Tons of New Bloon Types. - And 200+ Achievements to unlock Expect plenty of updates after launch as well. If you encounter any bugs or have feedback/suggestions please leave them below. Hope you have fun popping bloons in exciting new ways. You can also send me an email: Answer This Poll Follow Me on Twitter! Discord:  [Join Now] Patreon:  [Click Here] If you are interested in supporting me check out my other game  Dream Flash ! Version history: 6/24/20: v1.5.1 5/3/19: v1.5.0.5 8/23/18: v1.4.5 12/27: v1.1 12/3: v1.07 12/2: v1.06 11/29: v1.05 11/28: v1.04 11/26: v1.03 11/15: v1.02 11/14: Release v1.0 & v1.01

Bloons TDX coming out November 14th

I am pleased to announce that the fangame Bloons TDX will be available for download on tuesday November 14th. Bloons TDX is an expansion on the elements found in BTD5. BTDX has new tracks, special missions and new towers. Below is a video showcasing one of the three new towers in BTDX. Hope you are all ready for when the game drops on the 14th.